Welcome to Our Daily Light

This website is about books, photographs, and ministry. It is also about life. Our Daily Light devotional book was first published in 1996. The new book, Moments of a Lifetime, was published in 2015.

The ministry involves Wind River Ranch, a Christian guest ranch in Colorado where my wife and I served for eight years. I am now involved with Links Players, a worldwide golf ministry. I am on staff and responsible for the south central region—Texas, Louisiana, and Colorado.

And it is about photography, a lifelong love of mine. I like to remember, and photographs help us do just that.

It is also about life and lessons learned. Life is what happens to us as we make other plans. Enjoy the life that God has given you to live. And enjoy this life with people that you love.

This website originally started with the first self-publication of the daily devotional Our Daily Light in 1996.

It continues today but with an addition of a new book, Moments of a Lifetime, Living Forward by Looking Back. See “About Books” in the link above.

The first page of Moments of a Lifetime

It’s not about me. I am a C+/B- type of guy. Very ordinary and common.

Ken Gire, my favorite author, shares his impressions about me in this way in the foreword to a daily devotional I wrote a few years ago. Ken is a very close friend who knows me well. He reminds me that I am his oldest friend—at 70 years of age.

“You can relax, knowing that you are not in the presence of a spiritual master you can’t relate to but a fellow traveler whose sneakers wear out, just like yours, who gets blisters and athlete’s foot and ingrown toenails, just like you do. Someone who, like you, gets weary along the way, and like you, needs to sit down now and then, catch his breath, and have a cup of cool water before he gets up to face the road ahead, with its steepness and its sudden turnings as well as its scenic views.”
—Ken Gire, Our Daily Light

So why would an ordinary, common guy write a book about his life? Maybe, more importantly, why would you even read a book about this life? The answer to these two questions could be insightful if we look closely.

First, I needed to write this because I want my grandkids’ kids to have God in their life, and this is a story about God. Also this project became a spiritual experience for me as I looked back on the lessons I’d learned and realized I could see the hand of God so clearly. I loved the experience of writing, and I am sure it brought me closer to understanding this God of ours who pursues us with a passion.

The second answer to the question as to why you should read this book is somewhat subjective. I think we all need to write our stories, and maybe this book will help inspire you to that goal. Do you really want to carry your memories and experiences to the grave with you? This is not about ego or false humility. We need to get over the thought that we are doing this for selfish motives or to draw attention to ourselves. If we do this to encourage others and bring glory to God in any way, the project could be considered a success. Think about those family members a few generations down the road who would be blessed by the reading of God’s story of your life.